Our Team

Administrative Staff

401 | Chief of Police
Gregg Sellers
Chief Sellars has over 20+ years in Law Enforcement. Chief Sellars joined the police department as Chief in April of 2022.

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Dispatcher & Clerk
Nikisha Belt
Dispatcher/Clerk Belt has been with the Richland Police Department since 2019. Dispatcher Belt serves as the Departments Dispatcher, Clerk and TAC Officer.

Officer Staff

403(Reserve) Officer Lisa Valverde
404(Full-Time) Officer Taryn Aslinger
406(Reserve) Sergeant David Moser
408(Full-Time) Officer Stephen Sinden
411(Reserve) Lieutenant Nathaniel Looper
413(Reserve) Officer Michael Vermulm
414(Reserve) Officer Joe McCrudden
415(Reserve) Officer Caleb Shelton
417(Reserve) Officer Lorenzo Valdivia
421(Part-Time) Officer Nick Pappas
427(Reserve) Sergeant Gary Zalatan