Q-Does the Richland Police Department trade patches and/or patch requests?
A- Due to both financial reason and security concerns, our department does NOT honor requests for our shoulder patches. We do not foresee any change in this policy. Please do not email or write us requesting an exemption to this policy.

Q- How do I obtain a copy of a motor vehicle report?
A- Accidents occurring inside of the city limits of Richland are responded to by an on-duty Richland Police Officer when 9-1-1 is contacted. Reports will be on-file at the Richland Police Department and are usually available for pick-up 7 business days after the accident occurred. There is a normal charge for reports which can be delivered to involved person(s) and their insurance companies. The current fee is $5.00 per report.
Accidents occurring in the “rural” areas (outside of city limits) are responded to by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Reports must be obtained directly from them. Contact the Highway Patrol headquarters in: Jefferson City (Troop F-Phone Number 573-751-1000), which covers Camden County. Rolla (Troop I-Phone Number 573-368-2345), which covers Pulaski and Laclede Counties. You can obtain unofficial reports from the Highway Patrol here.

Q-How do I obtain a copy of an incident report?
A- Incident Reports handled by the Richland Police Department may or may not be public information, dependent upon the investigational status of the case, age of the victim, etc. If you would like to request a copy of a report or would like to know more about report availability, please contact the police department during normal business hours. If a report is requested and copied, there is a nominal charge. The current fee is $5.00 per report.

Q-How do I obtain a protection order (ex-parte)?
A- The police department is not involved in filing your ex-parte. If you feel you are a candidate for an ex-parte, you should contact the court clerk located at the county courthouse in the county you live in. The Camden County Courthouse is located in Camdenton, the Pulaski County Courthouse is located in Waynesville, and Laclede County’s is in Lebanon.
The Richland Police Department does strictly enforce all active ex-partes/protection orders. If you feel you are in danger, contact 9-1-1 and an officer will respond.

Q- I received a summons (or “ticket”) but am not sure of my court date and/or I missed my court date. What should I do, and how do I satisfy a summons?
A- If this happens, please contact Smith-Turley. Call 573-336-5222 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. It will be a lot less hassle to fix the problem now than to face arrest and license suspensions later.
You may also check CASNET. Once a ticket is entered by the court, it will appear on this system under your name. Hearing dates (your court dates) are under “Scheduled Hearings & Trials”

Q-The Office is closed and I still want to talk to an officer?
A-If the office is closed, the phones are forwarded to the Waynesville Central Dispatch Center. They will answer your phone and relay the information to an officer.